Raschell Harlingten shares her inspirational story of her traumatic childhood and walking away from her corporate job with no idea how she was going to survive, let alone feed her children, and from there, her life as an entrepreneur has catapulted her to the NO# 1 BestSelling author on Amazon in short reads for her book Your Prosperity Blueprint.


UnBrand: A Stage for Learning Inspirationally

August 26 · 

Meet Raschell Harlingten. She is the founder of Rooted For Success, a personal development organization that helps individuals center and build strengths and success. She has also earned credentials as a transformational coach and speaker, and as a Real Estate Investor. A founding member of Toronto Women’s Club, Raschell also worked together with partners, to co-found the workshop, Four Seasons of Entrepreneurship, which provides support to entrepreneurs. A successful businesswoman, her passion is to support entrepreneurs, worldwide, setting them on a positive and powerful course of personal transformation that is critical to yielding success in business and in life.


As a single mother of two children, she holds the empowerment of youth dear to her heart. 




Raschell Harlingten shared her inspirational transforming stories on life and understanding we are our greatest challenge. She also walked us through a great exercise on understanding our own power.

Introducing the lovely and dynamic duo Ms. Selena Moon & Ms. Raschell Harlingten! Two new guest speakers who joined us at the Annual Seminar last October!


Check out what they said about

"Becoming Unstoppable"


Become empowered and unstoppable!

The Four Seasons of Entrepreneurship

“Discovering the Nature of Your Business"

The emphasis of the event is on understanding how personal development impacts entrepreneurial success. It focused on the five pillars, which include financial stability, emotional health, physical wellness, spiritual balance, and relationship harmony.

Attendees learned about the importance of looking deep within themselves to see how their thoughts and emotions are influencing their decisions. They also realized what actions they are taking towards their business' success.

January 20, 2018

Old Mill -Balmoral Room 

September 22 & 23, 2018

The Vandenburg House 

The Secrets to Easier Wealth

June 9-10 2018

Novotel Hotel Toronto 

Toronto Women's Club

June 6, 2018 · 


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