Energy Clearing

Are your emotions controlling areas of your life, Financial, Physical, Emotional Relational, and Spiritual.. let's dive deep and clear your emotional programs 

We did our session yesterday, I have never experienced anything like the session we had. We moved mountains! We went DEEP DOWN INTO THE ABYSS! So freakin timely in my life. I urge you if you need this in your life. Reach out to her. She’s the real deal and I put 100% trust in her in the most vulnerable parts of me I never give access to others Lisa - Texas USA

Thank you so much I feel so much lighter and tingly all over I did not realize I had so many emotional programs. Brook - London UK

2 Sessions $199.00

One Session


I had the pleasure of recently working with Raschell. We worked on my experience of some physical and emotional pain that I was enduring at that time. Raschell showed up in a very present and nurturing space to allow me to express the challenges that I was experiencing. Then an interesting thing happened in our work together. My physical pain shifted into a lighter space but more importantly my emotional state improved tremendously allowing me to understand where my physical pain was coming from. My days have been much lighter and less stressful. I highly recommend working with Raschell. She was an absolute pleasure to lead me on my journey into healingMichael - Spiritual Health Coach - USA

Today was my last session to clear my energy, removing programs from the past. It is incredible how we can hold on some situations-feelings without knowing and especially those that don’t belong to us, but fortunately for me I met Raschell and I have to say she is absolutely awesome. She is excellent at what she does and she has a loving energy. I’m so happy and grateful for her help, I released so much shit lol. I feel lighter and more aware of what energies I’m accepting and get rid of those that don’t serve me. I truly recommend her to everybody, I think this is a perfect time to clean our energies so we can learn more of this difficult time and enjoy the quiet times with ourselves and our families - Pimi Ohio USA

Thank you so much for your work. My life has leveled up infinitely since we started working together, I feel like the cleanest, clearest most on-point version of myself. This is incredible to experience myself, but my children have already seen the benefit. Healing generations with each session. Thank you! Julie  Arizona USA

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